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This is one of the very first releases of Vintage story - Version 1.0.2. It is primarily a creative mode sandbox experience. Never tried Vintage Story before or want to take a trip down memory lane? Then get it right here! VS Classic is Freeware as of October 2019.

To clarify, VS Classic is a 5 year old creative mode only experience, if you want to play the survival mode you need to purchase the full game.


Colored lights, Pretty graphics (including bloom effect, godrays and antialiasing), nice terrain generation, 1024+ blocks build height, smooth framerate, moddable, rudimentary world edit tools, super rudimentary survival mode (slow block breaking and player health), 4 original sound tracks

Creative mode instructions

  • You can use the commands /gamemode 1 to enter survival mode and /gamemode 2 to enter creative mode
  • While in Creative mode:
    • Hit F3 to cycle between fly modes
    • Hit F2 for super speed, F1 to go back to normal
    • Type command /we range 100 to increase your place/break block range
    • There's some rudimentary world editing tools, check out tyrons demo video on youtube

If you like VS Classic

Vintage Story is made by a small passionate team of indie developers. Consider checking out or even purchasing the full version over at vintagestory.at. We've made huge strides in the 3 years of development that followed.

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TagsCreative, Sandbox, Voxel


vs_classic_installer_v1.0.2.exe 33 MB

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