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Vintage Story is an uncompromising wilderness survival sandbox game inspired by lovecraftian horror themes. Find yourself in a ruined world reclaimed by nature and permeated by unnerving temporal disturbances. Relive the advent of human civilization, or take your own path.

Progress through the ages in an authentic world

Start out empty-handed and learn to survive by foraging, hunting, crafting, and fighting. Enter the stone age by knapping primitive stone tools and sculpting clay for essential pottery. Advance further by smelting copper for more powerful tools, creating bronze alloys, learning to work iron, and ultimately mechanizing common tasks.

Immensely large, immensely diverse procedural worlds

Enter a vast open world populated by a range of cute, strange, dangerous, and outright horrifying creatures. Vintage Story utilizes a great deal of procedural technology to create immensely diverse landscapes, climate conditions, and geological features to always keep exploration fresh and exciting.

A wicked universe backed by original story elements

Take on the role of a lost being in the body of a tall blue creature and discover the remnants of civilization. There is no linear storytelling; it is up to you to piece together who you are and what has happened from the little evidence that remains. During your journey you will encounter wayward creatures, find old stories, battle temporal instability, and endure temporal storms.

Immersive crafting mechanics

Vintage Story aims to turn all crafting processes into an immersive, in-world experience. You create stone tools by breaking off individual stone pieces, form pottery by placing small bits of clay, and craft sturdy tools by casting molten metal or by working hot ingots voxel-by-voxel on an anvil.


Buy Now$18.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $18 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Vintage Story v1.14.8 for Windows
Vintage Story v1.14.8 for Linux

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I bought this a few weeks ago through your website. Is there a way to hook it in to the itch.io windows app so it can manage updates for me?

I never used the app so I can't tell I'm afraid.

My Windows 7 has crashed but have a dual boot with Linux on that PC.
Already purchased a prior version, would I need to pay for update to run on Mint?

I'm not the dev, but as far as I can tell, no, you don't have to. Simply download the Linux version of the game and login with your credentials as you did on Windows when you first started the game.

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Ah yes, don't need to pay extra to switch OS, just download whichever version you need

This is basically Minecraft but theres literally ALWAYS something to keep the player engaged. I love when theres lots of different systems, it makes the game so interesting! I don't currently have it yet, but I wanna get it for a bunch of my friends, that way we can do some crazy stuff :D


Hay gente que no tiene dinero para comprarlo xd, escribi todo mal

Pero ponganlo gratis porfavor

(2 edits) (-1)
 Hola, podría poner el juego gratis pero dentro de él, cosas que ganan dinero (porque hay gente que no dinero para comprarlo) > <

Hola, no todos los estudios indie tienen la capacidad de ofrecer sus productos gratis. El sistema de monetización Free-to-play funciona solo en juegos con grandes audiencias y popularidad, para un estudio indie de pocos integrantes en imposible ofrecer ese sistema. Si de verdad te interesa el juego, puedes intentar ahorrar hasta que tengas el suficiente dinero para comprarlo, apoyar a los desarrolladores hará que el juego sea más interesante y dure mas tiempo en el mercado y estoy seguro que ellos estarán por siempre agradecidos. 


where do i go to make an account to play the thing i paid for? seems pretty retarded if you ask me.


Read the first sentence of the game description here on itch.io


are you talking about:
"Please noteAfter purchase, please redeem the game key - it's a special link to create your game account, which is necessary to log in in-game."
"Vintage Story is an uncompromising wilderness survival sandbox game inspired by lovecraftian horror themes."

neither says where. i even got an email that said this:

"Download and install instructions from Tyron:

Please download and install as normal, then request the key that is supplied with the purchase, this should supply you with a unique link that let's you create your game account."

they keep talking about a key that i get with the game. where is it? is it coming through the post office? heck i can even log into the homepage where i now know i could have gotten the game cheaper, but that doesn't seem to help at all. in order to go the the "client area" i need the same log in info that need for the game, which is a bit of a catch 22. maybe the directions should read: 'go to the web page and create an account, and don't use any services to create an account' but if you are going that far why not: 'go to the website and buy the game direct and save money, you have to create an account there anyway.' that assumes that creating an account on the website there is what is needed and not some other place to create a game account.

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Ok, added a sentence there. It's right below the downloads section on itch.io:

(please note, its not called steam key, its the first google image search result)

got it. you can't get it through the app, but you can get it online. the app only shows the downloads and not the link:

originally i was able to select if i wanted to download the linux version, so maybe the very first time will show the key (probably not). so maybe telling people where the key is in that first sentence would be a good idea (on the itch.io website downloads screen).


Oh, that's weird. I was not aware of that

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So I am having difficulties. Not with the gameplay or the game starting but with the resolution. I have a 55in TV that I use as my monitor and I currently cannot change the resolution of the game in order for me to actually be able to see what is on my hud as well as tool tips being displayed. Is there a way of changing it?

edit to add that i fixed it. apparently i was overlooking the setting to change the ui scale because everything was so tiny. :)

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on the homepage it says: "If you do not wish to register a website/forum account, you can also get the game through the Humble Widget, on the Humble Store or on itch.io"
I bought it here on itch.io but the first thing it wants from me when starting is that i login somewhere, not even mentioning where.
I paid over 20% extra for not having to create yet another account!

btw. the download is only the installer for the installer? it seems when using the itch.io app


Yes, currently you need a game account in any case, but it lets you skip the site/forum account when buying it from itch/humble. I've now added a notice to that paragraph on the site so its more clear. Sorry for the confusion.

The download provided on the itch.io site is the full game, I'm not sure about the itch.io app, I never tried that one.


Quick question, Is this game ever going to be available on other service providers like Steam?  

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Its also available on the humble store and our site. Regarding Steam, see FAQ: https://www.vintagestory.at/features/faq.html/

So I just logged in to start playing but is there a way to play without an internet connection?


Yes, once you logged in for the first time, you should be able to play without internet connection indefinitely.

I want to buy this game on my birthday,is there any difference from buying in this site from the vintage story site?


No difference, you get the same game. Getting it from the vintage story site is merely a little lower priced

Thanks for answering me,one more question,when i go to the vintage story site to buy the game,the game is called"game account" right? and when i buy it i will get the game on my email with the key?

Is there a demo version of this game available?

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No, currently there is no demo available. But if the game is not to your liking or doesnt work for you, I'm happy to refund it personally when bought on vintagestory.at and I think the refund policy here on itch.io is also pretty generous.

Alright thanks, I wanted to try it but it's not available for Mac OS...


for Linux, could you add a "run.sh" or something? Because right now, none of the start-options on itch actually launch the game. I know I can install it, and then launch it with the desktop file, but that's just kind of strange, wish it would just work through itch right away :)

Also I don't like that install.sh *moves* the game data. Wouldn't moving the desktop file be enough? The install.sh could figure out the current path and change the desktop file so you don't have to move the game data :)

Anyways, the game looks great, I'm sure I'll have a lot of fun with it :)

Thank you.

Hey, thanks for the feedback. I suppose that run.sh should merely contain "mono VintageStory.exe", right?

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Yeah, I created one myself with 

mono Vintagestory.exe

and it works fine :)

Ok, will add that to the next version

Nice game so far. Got it for entire family. Ill do a follow up next year and see about including this in a raffle. Sadly cant do it this year.


Wishlisting it, i have no money, and i want to scream.

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Little towns and villagers would be nice, villagers profession and town management like TekTopia, Minecolonies or Millenaire woule be VERY nicer!


What... This is Skirym but in Minecraft

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this is like mine craft just more historical and makes the player do more than craft,the player has to build the sword,hunt,do more than just survive the night the player has to do hunt,explore,overcome,and be ready for what lies beneath the feet of the player that thing could be dangerous

Deleted 337 days ago

it already is multiplayer

Deleted 265 days ago

Yes, you have to log-in once to be able to start playing. After that you could stay offline or block connections forever.

Deleted 265 days ago

This game is listed under "local multiplayer". For most games in this category that means two people can play on one device. Is this possible in this game? Are there third party tools to accomplish this? Would be nice to play side by side with kids, or with significant other. 

Thanks for your hard work here, looks clear we both have the same taste and desires that MC sadly failed to deliver adequately. What you did here is like an answer to all my frustrations in the past, very polished very sleek. Cheers - TJ

Weird, I could have sworn I removed the local-coop tag before. Well, now its removed again. Its currently not possible to do local-coop on the same machine, sorry for the confusion.

I'm glad you like the game! It was indeed born out of a desire to deliver an experience we hoped MC to have, but which never came

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I bought the game through itch.oi and used the key to create my account normally, but when I log into the game and try to login, a message appears saying '' Login failed: unable to connect to the authentication server . '', I've been trying since yesterday, but I can't get into the game.have a problem with the server?

Hey Jackill, from what I can see, our servers are operating nominally. What operating system are you on?

In case its linux, you might need to install some certs. See also our forum post on setting up the game on linux.

my and windows 7, I was able to enter the '' client area '' normally but I can't get into the game.

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Hm, thats weird, could you write me a one-line support ticket on our site please: https://www.vintagestory.at/support/
It's a easier to handle support for me there.

i will do that then.

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So, I bought the game, and when I try to start it, it tells me to log in to "great justice"... what is that and why do I need to log in there to play a local single player game?

(I am aware that I can connect to a multiplayer server, but I don't intend to do that just now, just me on my laptop)

Hi gunnar_z. On the itch.io download section, a bit further down should be a game key link think. When you browse to that link you can set up a game account and then log in in-game. 

Hope that helps!


It would be good if they put it free because I and my friends at the high school are waiting for it to be free if we all play online


This is the silliest thing I have ever heard.. "Hey you made a game and put time and money into it? DROP IT FREE BECAUSE I SAID SO!"


Please do not post comments on itch.io project pages asking for paid games to be free, or we’ll have too block your account from all future comments. We ask that you be respectful of a developer’s time and effort when leaving a comment. Thanks!


Please, put it on steam too.
I'm Brazilian, so as my country is passing thru an economic crisis games in USD became too expensive and in itch i couldn't split the bill in my credit card as i could if the game was on steam too.

And one question, you plan to support Vulkan in the future?

You should be able to pay in BRL on our main site. I don't well we'll support Vulkan in the near future.


Yeah, but i couldn't split in multiple parcels, this is an common pratice here in Brazil (we call it "parcelamento", i don't know if this is a custom elsewere), this would bring more Brazilians into the game.

Instead Steam you could add an payment option using "pagseguro", or putting your game on "nuuvem" so it would be easyer to Brazilians pay and play and know the existence of this game.

Hi! Just fyi, it seems like only the Windows build is set up correctly. With the itch Launcher on Linux it only showed the Windows Icon and did not allow me to download the game.
Looking forward to checking it out after GamingOnLinux covered it ☺️


Oh, right, seems like i forgot to properly mark it as the linux version. I fixed that now, thanks for pointing that out :)


This is a great game, started playing a week ago and love it so far. I'm renting a server from Citadel Servers and it's working great, join my server: The Empire, search it and come play with me!


giv-me a key?no have money


are you serious : /


You obviously have money if you have a computer or phone that you're posting this from


please i have no money 


when you sleep with clay ingot mold raw in fire it will turn into ceramic ingot mold raw 


hm? Not sure I understand

if you go to bed with a clay ingot mold raw in a fire when you wake up it turns into a ceramic ingot mold raw. Just a funny glitch

clay turning to ceramic when burned? never heard of something like this...

joke aside: it's more or less normal behavior as that is more or less exactly how you make ceramic stuff: you burn clay in fire over hours (and sleeping is a 6 hours fast forward), though if you don't do it right normally it shatters when you take it out.

I will be getting money for this game next month does itch support prepaid cards?

Hey, I'm not sure. Might need to google for that. Alternatively, the game is also on the humble store.


Bought it! I wish I knew I could buy it on Humble Store all this waiting to get this game anyways I got it to run on Linux but server auth wasn't working if there is a fix for that please tell me. I have a dual boot so when stuff like this happens I can still play it but id rather play it on my Manjaro installation.

You might need to run "sudo cert-sync /etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt" or something similar. See also https://www.vintagestory.at/forums/topic/520-linux-distrosconfigurations-under-which-vs-is-known-to-run/

Figured it out was using wine mono not regular mono


If games could be crack this would be it I have never played a Minecraft-like game were I felt it was complete although I do recommend to simplify the controls and make the menus cleaner outside of that I am enjoying this game to it's fullest


Can't wait to eventually toss my money at this


Hi Guys, i would like to make a german Lets Play from the Game and want ask u for a Key :)

Ohai, still interested? I could send you a key now. 


Sure :)


So u have a key for me now @Tyron?? :)

Did I ever sent you a key? Otherwise, please make a contact request with your email address and link your youtube channel on vintagestory.at so that I have your email to send the key to.


Have send it on the Site now, check ur mailbox :)