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Vintage Story is a game about innovation and exploration. It thrusts the player into a carefully-generated semi-autonomous world and challenges them to survive and overcome the natural and unknown threats of their new home. Intrepid players who accept this challenge will find themselves rewarded with mechanics that respects their intelligence and allows for tangible, realistic invention. In addition, they’ll find a world with its own character and a deep, interconnected narrative within it. It aims to reach the next level of quality in the voxel sandbox genre, as we, a small dedicated team, relentlessly expand it with story elements, more creation tools and survival elements.

Page-Rich.png.6e04456eb23dfe0a28a97aa3f366ab2f.png Rich
Vintage Story offers a deep level of content for both players and creators. Enjoy a rich, detailed survival experience in a living, breathing world, alone or in multiplayer. Become a shepherd or a bee keeper... or maybe you fancy the life of a treasure hunter? You could build a thousand-block tall castle in creative mode. Perhaps modding is your thing?

Page-Open.png.a861c61f5e7c5855cd2de6b0f9421aef.png Open
You can customize your game experience in infinite ways. The game's mod api itself is used to build the survival and creative mode. Half of the game is under a readable source licence. We built our own modelling and animation tool. Vintage Story runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Page-Handmade.png.ff2cdf99ab3720b3b48b0c88f5a4947c.png Handmade
Vintage Story is powered by our own cross-platform game engine written in C# and OpenGL. This allows us to tailor the engine exactly to our needs while still keeping hardware requirements low.

Page-Ethical.png.63f7c0e016476d83e8ecfa84b9be7cfe.png Ethical
No publisher. No 3rd party interests. No ads. No user profiling. No pay2win. No monthly fees. No hidden fees. No microtransactions. 100% Indie.

Page-Social.png.4e3f9ac50bd2556416241bf86398dab6.png Social
We do our best to foster a friendly and supportive community. We have our own official forumDiscord chat server and wiki. You can also get in direct contact with us, the developers of the game. 

Vintage Story is currently an early access title. 


Buy Now$18.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $18 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Vintage Story v1.12.6 for Windows
Vintage Story v1.12.6 for MacOS
Vintage Story v1.12.6 for Linux

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It would be good if they put it free because I and my friends at the high school are waiting for it to be free if we all play online

This is the silliest thing I have ever heard.. "Hey you made a game and put time and money into it? DROP IT FREE BECAUSE I SAID SO!"


The game had better be free
but within the game itself there are things that cost money but not many =)
and always be for linux ubuntu and windows mac =) well thanks!
a very very good game !!

Would you guys support PLN soon? Im really hyped for this game


Please, put it on steam too.
I'm Brazilian, so as my country is passing thru an economic crisis games in USD became too expensive and in itch i couldn't split the bill in my credit card as i could if the game was on steam too.

And one question, you plan to support Vulkan in the future?

You should be able to pay in BRL on our main site. I don't well we'll support Vulkan in the near future.

Yeah, but i couldn't split in multiple parcels, this is an common pratice here in Brazil (we call it "parcelamento", i don't know if this is a custom elsewere), this would bring more Brazilians into the game.

Instead Steam you could add an payment option using "pagseguro", or putting your game on "nuuvem" so it would be easyer to Brazilians pay and play and know the existence of this game.

Hi! Just fyi, it seems like only the Windows build is set up correctly. With the itch Launcher on Linux it only showed the Windows Icon and did not allow me to download the game.
Looking forward to checking it out after GamingOnLinux covered it ☺️


Oh, right, seems like i forgot to properly mark it as the linux version. I fixed that now, thanks for pointing that out :)


This is a great game, started playing a week ago and love it so far. I'm renting a server from Citadel Servers and it's working great, join my server: The Empire, search it and come play with me!


giv-me a key?no have money


are you serious : /


You obviously have money if you have a computer or phone that you're posting this from


please i have no money 

when you sleep with clay ingot mold raw in fire it will turn into ceramic ingot mold raw 

hm? Not sure I understand

if you go to bed with a clay ingot mold raw in a fire when you wake up it turns into a ceramic ingot mold raw. Just a funny glitch

I will be getting money for this game next month does itch support prepaid cards?

Hey, I'm not sure. Might need to google for that. Alternatively, the game is also on the humble store.


Bought it! I wish I knew I could buy it on Humble Store all this waiting to get this game anyways I got it to run on Linux but server auth wasn't working if there is a fix for that please tell me. I have a dual boot so when stuff like this happens I can still play it but id rather play it on my Manjaro installation.

You might need to run "sudo cert-sync /etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt" or something similar. See also https://www.vintagestory.at/forums/topic/520-linux-distrosconfigurations-under-which-vs-is-known-to-run/

Figured it out was using wine mono not regular mono


If games could be crack this would be it I have never played a Minecraft-like game were I felt it was complete although I do recommend to simplify the controls and make the menus cleaner outside of that I am enjoying this game to it's fullest


Can't wait to eventually toss my money at this


Hi Guys, i would like to make a german Lets Play from the Game and want ask u for a Key :)

Ohai, still interested? I could send you a key now. 


Sure :)


So u have a key for me now @Tyron?? :)

Did I ever sent you a key? Otherwise, please make a contact request with your email address and link your youtube channel on vintagestory.at so that I have your email to send the key to.


Have send it on the Site now, check ur mailbox :)