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Vintage Story is an uncompromising wilderness survival sandbox game inspired by lovecraftian horror themes. Find yourself in a ruined world reclaimed by nature and permeated by unnerving temporal disturbances. Relive the advent of human civilization, or take your own path.

Progress through the ages in an authentic world

Start out empty-handed and learn to survive by foraging, hunting, crafting, and fighting. Enter the stone age by knapping primitive stone tools and sculpting clay for essential pottery. Advance further by smelting copper for more powerful tools, creating bronze alloys, learning to work iron, and ultimately mechanizing common tasks.

Immensely large, immensely diverse procedural worlds

Enter a vast open world populated by a range of cute, strange, dangerous, and outright horrifying creatures. Vintage Story utilizes a great deal of procedural technology to create immensely diverse landscapes, climate conditions, and geological features to always keep exploration fresh and exciting.

A wicked universe backed by original story elements

Take on the role of a lost being in the body of a tall blue creature and discover the remnants of civilization. There is no linear storytelling; it is up to you to piece together who you are and what has happened from the little evidence that remains. During your journey you will encounter wayward creatures, find old stories, battle temporal instability, and endure temporal storms.

Immersive crafting mechanics

Vintage Story aims to turn all crafting processes into an immersive, in-world experience. You create stone tools by breaking off individual stone pieces, form pottery by placing small bits of clay, and craft sturdy tools by casting molten metal or by working hot ingots voxel-by-voxel on an anvil.


Buy Now$23.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $23 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Vintage Story v1.16.5 for Windows
Vintage Story v1.16.5 for Linux

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Parece Hytale




but like minecraft but more advance

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Very frustrating game to learn, but I suspect that after a few more tries I will start to like it more. I didn't want to "spoil anything" but maybe I'll just hop into the creative mode to get past those hurdles.

Oh, and it seems that launching through Itch always launches the installer, not the game itself, thus prompting me to uninstall / reinstall every time.

Deleted 60 days ago

For some reason I can't login?

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I think it should be made more clear on this page that redeeming the key is mandatory, not optional, for playing the game (even if it's only checked once per installation).


dude, okay, so, i haven't spent actual money *cough* on a computer program in... a very long time. but the graphics and premise of this really got me, so for the first time since i was like 12, i cracked open my wallet for a video game.


I WOULDNT EVEN CALL THIS A "MINECRAFT CLONE" - more like "everything that minecraft could have done right but didn't". it takes itself more seriously, it's FAR more immersive, and it FEELS like they actually cared about the game when they made it - minecraft in comparison feels like a damn lego set now. and i am PICKY. I'M PICKY BRO!! this has LORE (with good writing so far, despite some very minor spelling/grammatical errors), it has NPCS THAT DON'T BREAK IMMERSION (i stg hearing the villager "hmm" activates a violent sleeper agent in my brain) and YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN CHARACTER IN-GAME INSTEAD OF NEEDING TO GO THROUGH 20 SIDE CHANNELS. (admittedly i'd love to see some more eye/skin colors someday, but the stuff already there is lovely!! i'm VERY impressed with the hair options!)

i've already put 5 hours in (i don't have a lot of time for video games, so that's a lot for me) and have felt fully immersed/enjoyed every moment so far. there's been some frustration - coming to vintage story from minecraft is a bit of an adjustment, especially in the crafting section, but i'm slowly figuring it out. and they did something super difficult super well; i don't MIND figuring it out! it's a good balance of difficult and rewarding! 

the only thing i'd change if i could... isn't something i see them changing, to be honest. with worlds like this (open, explorable, always something new) i've always been obsessed with the idea of being able to FLY around it, preferably with wings of my own. (that is, the character having functioning wings, not "creative mode" flight. something immersive and balanced.) so far, the "wings" mod in minecraft has been the closest i've gotten. i don't want it badly enough to go back to minecraft, but man... i do hope that that gets modded into vintage story someday. or added to the main game, although i can't imagine why they'd ever do it. consider this my humble request, i suppose? (a creature can dream)

also the drifters? terrifying, but their fight animations could use just the tiniest bit of tweaking. just, they tend to slash AWAY from me but still hit me, so i think something about their hit boxes is off. not game breaking or anything, but kind of breaks immersion for me, so i hope to see that patched someday. (and maybe a voice clip that's not so close to the minecraft zombie, if you're at it.)

FANTASTIC job, all in all. i haven't been this fully sucked in to/supportive of a video game in my entire adult life. i really look forward to where this goes!


Could this ever go on Mac Os X? That would be so incredibly mega-uber-ultra-hyper-super-duper-uper-puper magnificent.



Almost everything is this game is better than in every other sandbox game!

Let's just look at the building system. You can build something pixel by pixel if you want!


  • Building system like in no other game
  • Best survival experience you'll ever get
  • Insane optimization (It runs stable on my PC with 2 GB RAM, isn't that an achievement?)
  • Awesome graphics
  • Stable multiplayer (and servers)
  • Tech progressing (right now (18.12.21) you can get to Iron Age (maybe even medieval))
  • Models (they are AWESOME!!!)
  • Season and weather system (If I were to explain it, it will be a long-long review)
  • Big updates! (Every update (even a simple bug fix) is hella big)
  • Unique crafting system (A good portion of crafts are hand-made)
  • Deep lore (???)


  • Price ($18 is a lot! (in my country at least))
  • Armory and weaponry (there are not a lot of armor and weapons in the game, which is really sad (but the existing ones are awesome!))
  • Enemies (There is really not a lot of them)
  • Content (It's still in active development, so don't really expect much content from it (existing one is still pretty damn good))


Vintage story is a must-play. Even with its content, you will spend hours and hours in your world! A perfect game to sit and play on a Friday night.


87.25/100.00 - "gut".


18 not much in ur country

I remember this game ages ago, they need to release it on steam. It might become the next valheim. 

I think they won't because of the cut steam takes - which while I understand they need to balance actual sales and over-all income.

Hope it works out for them though, I was interested in it for a while when I discovered it.

on steaqm would get  more fame, means more  money


can you post this game on steam please i cant buy it on itch.io

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You can buy it on their Official Website too (vintagestory.at)

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i cant buy it because i live in a diferent country

they also have it on humble bundle if ur able to buy from there


So I bought it and thus far it looks very promising and the Linux support is the key thing for me, was a bit confused at first about the setup installed mono and did the download made a account and lo it ran! looks like ill enjoy this for some time. :)


plz make mobile version it will make it more fun sense my laptop cant handel it


I've only played an hour and a half and I'm enjoying every bit of it!


If this game was free, it would be one of the Top Popular games of the time, But I understand that the programmer(s) have given their time and energy to the game, so they have the right to make it paid. :D 


Fuck this game it's too hard + i lost my password and when i tried to recover it on website twice.... I didn't get any email (Yes i used my email i purchased the game with) Checked out every folder spam etc...I left the discord people were trolling me because i need help, fuck you

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Sorry to hear you had a bad time. We hare happy to help - our official support channel is through the main sites support ticket system - https://www.vintagestory.at/support/

When requesting a password reset - please disable BitDefender, if you have it installed. It silently blocks all requests to our site, for no apparent reason and its the only application that seem to do that.

Also feel free to request a refund through itch.io.


Sorry i didnt have a good morning, I didnt mean to be rude etc



I have this greece monkey!!!


This seems identical to the TerraFirmaCraft minecraft mod

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I have a question. Normally I buy games and play offline LAN parties with my siblings. Will I need to buy this game per-PC we use it on? or is it perhaps similar to black ice for example, or factorio? (it makes sense for online games but some DRM is a real nightmare and also requires internet connections. this is what im worried about) 


It is PC-independent, but you need one account for each player. They all need to log in once, after that you can play offline. For an offline LAN party you might need to set VerifyPlayerAuth to false in the serverconfig.json before launching a game server, otherwise I think they won't be able to connect

Thank you, the game looks excellent. cant wait 


Great job!


Hytale but it's a demo, omg it's amazing

Deleted 231 days ago

After purchase, please redeem your key on the itch.io "My Purchase" page - it is a link that lets you create a game account to log in to the game.


Minecraft with a high budget

This seems really interesting and I can't wait to give it a try


Got this off the official website, one of the best games I've ever played


pls free versio


Smaller devs like the VS team usually don't do free versions of PC games, as it would drain their money. However, they do offer an old creative "classic" build for you to try out if that sounds interesting! https://info.vintagestory.at/classic

I am very interested in this game, and I see that it is a great game being independent.

I suggest you try to talk to Stadia Makers to take it to the cloud, it would be very good for a platform that is just starting where there is little competition and zero Minecraft.

I've noticed the "Early Access" sign on your homepage. Just wondering if you have a roadmap available for us to see? Or if not, when would you consider the game to be out of early access?

I have those same questions.



This game's really fun, I have one complain though: it's extremely annoying to find where you die. I'm pretty sure the reason is that in Minecraft you always spawn where you did at the beginning while in this game you should respawn in some random place nearby. So after getting killed by some pig, I have now lost all my progress.

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Ouch. That does sound rough!  Hopefully some means of locating hard-earned gear is figured out.

But that definitely qualifies as "uncompromising..." :D


I bought this a few weeks ago through your website. Is there a way to hook it in to the itch.io windows app so it can manage updates for me?

I never used the app so I can't tell I'm afraid.

Related - is there a possibility for users who own the game via the website to claim it on itch?

Hi, currently no, sorry

My Windows 7 has crashed but have a dual boot with Linux on that PC.
Already purchased a prior version, would I need to pay for update to run on Mint?

I'm not the dev, but as far as I can tell, no, you don't have to. Simply download the Linux version of the game and login with your credentials as you did on Windows when you first started the game.

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Ah yes, don't need to pay extra to switch OS, just download whichever version you need


This is basically Minecraft but theres literally ALWAYS something to keep the player engaged. I love when theres lots of different systems, it makes the game so interesting! I don't currently have it yet, but I wanna get it for a bunch of my friends, that way we can do some crazy stuff :D


Hay gente que no tiene dinero para comprarlo xd, escribi todo mal

Pero ponganlo gratis porfavor

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 Hola, podr铆a poner el juego gratis pero dentro de 茅l, cosas que ganan dinero (porque hay gente que no dinero para comprarlo) > <

Hola, no todos los estudios indie tienen la capacidad de ofrecer sus productos gratis. El sistema de monetizaci贸n Free-to-play funciona solo en juegos con grandes audiencias y popularidad, para un estudio indie de pocos integrantes en imposible ofrecer ese sistema. Si de verdad te interesa el juego, puedes intentar ahorrar hasta que tengas el suficiente dinero para comprarlo, apoyar a los desarrolladores har谩 que el juego sea m谩s interesante y dure mas tiempo en el mercado y estoy seguro que ellos estar谩n por siempre agradecidos. 


where do i go to make an account to play the thing i paid for? seems pretty retarded if you ask me.


Read the first sentence of the game description here on itch.io


are you talking about:
"Please noteAfter purchase, please redeem the game key - it's a special link to create your game account, which is necessary to log in in-game."
"Vintage Story is an uncompromising wilderness survival sandbox game inspired by lovecraftian horror themes."

neither says where. i even got an email that said this:

"Download and install instructions from Tyron:

Please download and install as normal, then request the key that is supplied with the purchase, this should supply you with a unique link that let's you create your game account."

they keep talking about a key that i get with the game. where is it? is it coming through the post office? heck i can even log into the homepage where i now know i could have gotten the game cheaper, but that doesn't seem to help at all. in order to go the the "client area" i need the same log in info that need for the game, which is a bit of a catch 22. maybe the directions should read: 'go to the web page and create an account, and don't use any services to create an account' but if you are going that far why not: 'go to the website and buy the game direct and save money, you have to create an account there anyway.' that assumes that creating an account on the website there is what is needed and not some other place to create a game account.

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Ok, added a sentence there. It's right below the downloads section on itch.io:

(please note, its not called steam key, its the first google image search result)


got it. you can't get it through the app, but you can get it online. the app only shows the downloads and not the link:

originally i was able to select if i wanted to download the linux version, so maybe the very first time will show the key (probably not). so maybe telling people where the key is in that first sentence would be a good idea (on the itch.io website downloads screen).


Oh, that's weird. I was not aware of that

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So I am having difficulties. Not with the gameplay or the game starting but with the resolution. I have a 55in TV that I use as my monitor and I currently cannot change the resolution of the game in order for me to actually be able to see what is on my hud as well as tool tips being displayed. Is there a way of changing it?

edit to add that i fixed it. apparently i was overlooking the setting to change the ui scale because everything was so tiny. :)

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