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Hello! My name is Tincho and I'm from Argentina.

I've seen some reviews/gameplays of the game and I absolutely love it! Good job!

My problem is that the currency of my country has fallen really far so I could never afford a $USD20ish game with my earnings I think. Not at the time or near future at least. I hope one day I will be able to buy any game I want xd

Steam has this feature where there're different pricings for every country, and games in Argentina end up being really unexpensive! It's incredible, I've bought awesome games for ridiculously low prices, which I couldn't have played otherwise.

So, this is kind of a request, it may be a good thing to publish the game on Steam. Or to lower the prices for foreing countries, since I (and most Argentinians/Brazilians/Southamericans in general) really can't afford prices that for Americans and Europeans are pretty fair. 

I really want to support the game and play it! 

Wish you the best!

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Just don't take me wrong. Though I never played this game I have no reasons to think it is bad (actually, people reacts well to it). My problem is... why Minecraft as base?! Why not innovate or at least get something better artistically to make it look, I dunno, more original?

Look. Promoted on Facebook, there's an NFT game called "The Sandbox". The only thing I find interesting on it, is despite being voxels, the characters look completely better by far than Minecraft's (or what I think the characters should've been designed like, on this one), only comparable with "Cube World" or "Barony: Blessed Addition".

If you still got time to upgrade the game, just consider this.


Cannot put into words how rude and tone deaf this comment is so I'll use an emoji to describe your energy.





He hasn't got the Time to update the artistically look. In fact he would need to redesign every block, every enemy and most likely also the entire Game Engine. The Engine was never designed to handle so many Voxels like you see in "The Sandbox".

What makes the Game innovative and original isn't the graphics, its the gameplay and the general feel of the game.


Seriously? Now any voxel game is a copy of minecraft? Yes, this game is really inspired by him. But why such conclusions? Why are there comments like yours in the comments under any voxel game?


I dunno. Maybe the same art/graphics style (more specifically, macro-cubic character design and textured macro blocks on the map).

Anyway, I'm not saying this game sucks (just couldn't, since I never tried it); it surely bests Minecraft in other aspects (like gameplay, lore or something). I'm just saying that mostly those who differs on that aspect are The Sandbox and Teardown, and can't see nothing more like these two, when it comes of Voxels. Thus Minecraft has become the biggest referrer for Voxels genre.

That might be your answer.


Sees game they haven't played.
Won't play game.
No interest in game.

Logs in and leaves comment anyway.

Goes to show you that many people in this world firmly believe their opinion is desperately needed and they're going to pepper it in any chance they get.

"I've never eaten pizza in Napoli, but why does it look exactly like Little Caesars? Why not innovate or at least make it look different? I mean, I clearly know nothing about actually making pizza, or what pizza from Napoli tastes like, but it just seems... I dunno... unoriginal."



Why don't YOU go and create your own ORIGINAL NON-MINECRAFT BASED GAME if you think it's as easy as that? I'd buy it!

I'm not sure you can understand concepts more complicated that call of duty and triple A games, but when you literally start with no money and no backing the cheapest method that still allows for creative freedom is probably the only choice. I cant imagine completely judging a complex system completely based on only what you can immediately see, like an actual baby that doesn't want the present because thy cant see the toy pfft. lol

I know that it would be difficult to do, but could we possibly be looking forward to a port of this game on consoles in the future? I've been wanting to play something better than Minecraft with my friends, but my laptop is a junk one that overheats very quickly.

I need help. I just ''purchased'' the game, but I can't find a way to download it anywhere. Can anybody help me? i feel like i just wasted my money

Should be in your library -

if i buy it, can i play it without internet conection?, my internet sucks, so i would love to play and install the game 100% offline

internet is needed only once when you first start the game, after that it can be purely offline


I bought vintage story on the official website, can I activate via now?

Do you plan to add any new voice work?




Have to say, this is a very challenging game but it's AMAZING! I highly recommend this to anybody who is tired of the 15-minute 'I have diamonds already' runs in Minecraft that can get boring. It's terrifying, difficult, and interesting! Other than the price (maybe sales every now and then?) solid 9/10


bro this game looks like a goofy minecraft map


Well way back when the concept for the game started as a Minecraft mod, although it's grown way beyond the simple mod it started as


Doesn't look like a Minecraft copy to me at all!

Graphics look absolutely STUNNING, and the gameplay looks incredibly fun! Just one thing:

Maybe 23 bucks is a little expensive? But I'm broke, so that might be the reason I think so 😂

Again, looks amazing and I hope you keep working on it!


Le meilleur Minecraft like que j'ai jamais vue, avec du challenge, du lore, des craft poussé, des saisons, une météo en temps réel avec les nuage, des mods et beaucoup d'autres chose qui ferrai que ce jeux devienne le meilleur support pour du RP


just buy minecraft not a bad knock off trust me in this on


You're kidding I hope, VS and an improved version of Minecraft, more beautiful, with lore, improved in crafts, little known and yet it already has a lot of mods available, this game can become the mature version of Minecraft leave it to him time for tha

>"Vintage Story is a bad Minecraft knockoff"
>Source: "Dude trust me."



this game is nearly real life made out of cubes how is this a bad minecraft rip off

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Trust is earned and you've provided no reason why you should be trusted. Everyone has MC already and it's in the gutter now since Microsoft bought it. You can't even play without migrating your data so that MS can add you to their database which is the only reason they bought it. You can't even play without logging in to THREE authentication servers, one for MS, one for Xbox, and one for Mojang.

MC was great, before MS scooped it up and turned it into a data mining farm.

And your logic is ill placed, there's plenty of room for games of the same genre, or do you really think that there should only be one shooter, one strat, one rpg, one survival game, one voxel game, etc?


Thanks for porting to Linux!


Why no MacOS-Download you really wanna tell me out there are more People with Linux than Mac as Desktop? Sadly no Vintage Story for me :(.


Yep, there are more Linux gamers than Mac gamers. The Steam Deck helped a lot with that.


I don’t think so. I know way more People with an Mac than People with a Steam Deck…


People don't typically buy Macs for games, but a steam deck is specifically for games. There may be more people using Macs than steam decks, but there might be more people playing games on steam deck/other linux systems than Mac


as I Said i know nobody with a steamdeck. But the few I know that had Mac also play games. I mean why not there suprisely good games you can play on Mac.

I changed my system 2 years ago from Win to Mac and the reason to not pic Linux was the Apps and Games that work on Mac but not on Linux.


If games are important enough to sway your decision, why switch from windows at all?


I'd love support mac if it werent such a PITA to work with.


What does PITA mean? Dont know that word ^^. Is it such a mess to code for mac?


Hehe, more simple than that -


Ok you are the first one that say that. I don’t know that because Im not English XD.

Hey, I'm interested in this game but I'm not sure how the account system works. Do I have to login every time I open the game? Or is it just the first time I launch? Do I need to login at all if I want to just play offline single player?


Just one time. After that you can remain offline and the game will keep on working.

Great, thanks for the explanation

If I buy the game can I make a server to play with my friend for free or tdo I have to buy a server like in minecraft?

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It works the same way as with minecraft - you can host for free locally, through port forwarding or via vpn e.g. hamachi.

If you need a 24/7 online server with good connection bandwidth and easier setup a paid server is better, yes.

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oh no...
local hosting is a nightmare in my country for some reason. The game looks super interesting, but maaaaan
edit: I had to switch to playing it on windows when doing multiplayer, but IT IS SO WORTH IT
Gotta find a way to do easy multiplayer on linux and I'm set.

Heya! This is wonderful, I have a small accessibility request for the store page: can you please bold the entire sentence for "After purchase, please redeem your key on the "My Purchase" page - it is a link that lets you create a game account to log in to the game." 

Several friends have picked this up over the past week and missed this prompt, it blends in against the lovely image background for the page despite being right underneath the Buy Now button.


Hey, not a fan of full bold sentences but i rephrased the text to be more clear now, hope that helps.


The phrasing is great, ty! The main problem is it's quite hard to actually see? It blends against the trees, like so: 

If it's possible to increase the opacity of the background on that part it might to do it? Either way, thank you for the change! It's appreciated and might help more folks pick this up :D

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I see. I uploaded a different background and increased the opacity now, that should hopefully help with readability.


MUCH better, thank you so much!!


wow! this is so underrated. As a gamedev myself, I can't imagine the work that has gone into this. Good work!


Please develop a Mac version. I would appreciate it!

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I'm excited and I appreciate your interest and your participation, thank you very much and good luck!

Parece Hytale




but like minecraft but more advance

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Very frustrating game to learn, but I suspect that after a few more tries I will start to like it more. I didn't want to "spoil anything" but maybe I'll just hop into the creative mode to get past those hurdles.

Oh, and it seems that launching through Itch always launches the installer, not the game itself, thus prompting me to uninstall / reinstall every time.

Deleted 318 days ago
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After it installs, just delete the installation folder and re-name the game folder. When I click Launch in Itch it launches the actual game now.

For some reason I can't login?

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I think it should be made more clear on this page that redeeming the key is mandatory, not optional, for playing the game (even if it's only checked once per installation).


dude, okay, so, i haven't spent actual money *cough* on a computer program in... a very long time. but the graphics and premise of this really got me, so for the first time since i was like 12, i cracked open my wallet for a video game.


I WOULDNT EVEN CALL THIS A "MINECRAFT CLONE" - more like "everything that minecraft could have done right but didn't". it takes itself more seriously, it's FAR more immersive, and it FEELS like they actually cared about the game when they made it - minecraft in comparison feels like a damn lego set now. and i am PICKY. I'M PICKY BRO!! this has LORE (with good writing so far, despite some very minor spelling/grammatical errors), it has NPCS THAT DON'T BREAK IMMERSION (i stg hearing the villager "hmm" activates a violent sleeper agent in my brain) and YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN CHARACTER IN-GAME INSTEAD OF NEEDING TO GO THROUGH 20 SIDE CHANNELS. (admittedly i'd love to see some more eye/skin colors someday, but the stuff already there is lovely!! i'm VERY impressed with the hair options!)

i've already put 5 hours in (i don't have a lot of time for video games, so that's a lot for me) and have felt fully immersed/enjoyed every moment so far. there's been some frustration - coming to vintage story from minecraft is a bit of an adjustment, especially in the crafting section, but i'm slowly figuring it out. and they did something super difficult super well; i don't MIND figuring it out! it's a good balance of difficult and rewarding! 

the only thing i'd change if i could... isn't something i see them changing, to be honest. with worlds like this (open, explorable, always something new) i've always been obsessed with the idea of being able to FLY around it, preferably with wings of my own. (that is, the character having functioning wings, not "creative mode" flight. something immersive and balanced.) so far, the "wings" mod in minecraft has been the closest i've gotten. i don't want it badly enough to go back to minecraft, but man... i do hope that that gets modded into vintage story someday. or added to the main game, although i can't imagine why they'd ever do it. consider this my humble request, i suppose? (a creature can dream)

also the drifters? terrifying, but their fight animations could use just the tiniest bit of tweaking. just, they tend to slash AWAY from me but still hit me, so i think something about their hit boxes is off. not game breaking or anything, but kind of breaks immersion for me, so i hope to see that patched someday. (and maybe a voice clip that's not so close to the minecraft zombie, if you're at it.)

FANTASTIC job, all in all. i haven't been this fully sucked in to/supportive of a video game in my entire adult life. i really look forward to where this goes!

I appreciate you took the time and effort to write this :)

What you said is all true! It is absolutely amazing! Everything Minecraft could've been it is!


Could this ever go on Mac Os X? That would be so incredibly mega-uber-ultra-hyper-super-duper-uper-puper magnificent.

No, it would be supercalifragilisticexpialidociousily great!



Almost everything is this game is better than in every other sandbox game!

Let's just look at the building system. You can build something pixel by pixel if you want!


  • Building system like in no other game
  • Best survival experience you'll ever get
  • Insane optimization (It runs stable on my PC with 2 GB RAM, isn't that an achievement?)
  • Awesome graphics
  • Stable multiplayer (and servers)
  • Tech progressing (right now (18.12.21) you can get to Iron Age (maybe even medieval))
  • Models (they are AWESOME!!!)
  • Season and weather system (If I were to explain it, it will be a long-long review)
  • Big updates! (Every update (even a simple bug fix) is hella big)
  • Unique crafting system (A good portion of crafts are hand-made)
  • Deep lore (???)


  • Price ($18 is a lot! (in my country at least))
  • Armory and weaponry (there are not a lot of armor and weapons in the game, which is really sad (but the existing ones are awesome!))
  • Enemies (There is really not a lot of them)
  • Content (It's still in active development, so don't really expect much content from it (existing one is still pretty damn good))


Vintage story is a must-play. Even with its content, you will spend hours and hours in your world! A perfect game to sit and play on a Friday night.


87.25/100.00 - "gut".


18 not much in ur country

I remember this game ages ago, they need to release it on steam. It might become the next valheim. 

I think they won't because of the cut steam takes - which while I understand they need to balance actual sales and over-all income.

Hope it works out for them though, I was interested in it for a while when I discovered it.

on steaqm would get  more fame, means more  money


can you post this game on steam please i cant buy it on

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You can buy it on their Official Website too (

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i cant buy it because i live in a diferent country

they also have it on humble bundle if ur able to buy from there


So I bought it and thus far it looks very promising and the Linux support is the key thing for me, was a bit confused at first about the setup installed mono and did the download made a account and lo it ran! looks like ill enjoy this for some time. :)


plz make mobile version it will make it more fun sense my laptop cant handel it

Any you think your phone is more powerful than a laptop?


I've only played an hour and a half and I'm enjoying every bit of it!


If this game was free, it would be one of the Top Popular games of the time, But I understand that the programmer(s) have given their time and energy to the game, so they have the right to make it paid. :D 


Fuck this game it's too hard + i lost my password and when i tried to recover it on website twice.... I didn't get any email (Yes i used my email i purchased the game with) Checked out every folder spam etc...I left the discord people were trolling me because i need help, fuck you

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Sorry to hear you had a bad time. We hare happy to help - our official support channel is through the main sites support ticket system -

When requesting a password reset - please disable BitDefender, if you have it installed. It silently blocks all requests to our site, for no apparent reason and its the only application that seem to do that.

Also feel free to request a refund through


Sorry i didnt have a good morning, I didnt mean to be rude etc



I have this greece monkey!!!


This seems identical to the TerraFirmaCraft minecraft mod

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