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I forgot which email I used to make my account in game, is there any way to recover the email?

If you still have the original game key from, you can email us that on our contact form on and we can look up what email it is assinged to


Amazing game, bought it from the original website. Really hoping this game goes mainstream, it is so much more endearing than most sandbox survival games of its kind and deserves more recognition.


How long until 1.19 is on


Hi, if you rerun the installer after installing the first time, it will update to the newest version.


if there is butter in the game are there any plans on a windmill powered butter churn? i think it would be a cool addition to the game and also another source of dairy. even a hand churned butter maker for early dairy needs would be awesome!!! maybe base it of of the quern or the fruit press.


I think you'd have better luck in their discord my friend


I'm very much interested in playing the game, but please put the game on Steam.

One of my friends as convinced me to look after the game but when I wanted to know where I could buy it I soon discovered it wasn't on Steam but rather the original website of the game, or Humble Bundle.

So yeah the game not being on Steam's gonna be the deal breaker for me, so please put it on Steam and I'll buy it immediately.

I just don't wanna open up a specific launcher or something for a specific game, I like all my stuff sorted out in one place, thus why I hate Epic Games so much.


While platforms are up to the devs, the platforms the game is on allow it to be DRM free, so you won't be tracked. You also don't need a launcher for this game! Just download from itch on to your computer!

If you still need it to be listed on your steam launcher for one reason or another, on steam you can select "add non-steam games to my library" and launch from steam!


Good point. However, like many others, I myself don't like using 5+ different stores for my games. Nowadays, everything tracks you no matter how hard you try to get around it.

I currently only have Steam installed and am keeping it like that. Downloading from gives the advantage that there is no launcher, but the disadvantage of not having auto-updates.

Also, having a different launcher for every game is the most annoying thing ever. Ubisoft Connect, Epic Games, the Star Citizen launcher, Origin, Steam, Rockstar Games,, Paradox Games... we could probably go on like this for hours.

And at the end of the day, many more people use Steam (or Epic) as their launcher and would also find the game more easily on that. P.S. to the devs, this isn't to hate; I'm just hoping that the game will someday come to Steam so me and a prob a lot of other people will buy it.


And the Devs say that the reasons on why they don't put it on Steam is because of the % Cut as well as the refund policy for some reason.

But they also don't seem to be interested in getting lots of money and recognition so.. again we go back on a loop! There is literally, no matter how much arguments are made, any reasons as to why the game isn't on Steam yet.


The devs don't want to. That's "literally" the only argument/reason that matters.

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Game is very unique and fun to play, only thing that prevents me from buying it for friends is animals not having line of sight. The enemies will hug the walls of your base and your un-domesticated animals will always be afraid of you if you build your house too close to your farm because they can see you through walls, if this was fixed it would make the game much better.


Bro just made a small indie game better than Minecraft


Minecraft was an indie game back in 2014


idc Minecraft's days are over in 2030


I have a question regarding the lovecraftian/eldritch horror elements. Is this game scary in any way? I avoid horror games. I am okay with Minecraft & other survival games level of scary. (Creeper chasing me).

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Pretty much as scary as Minecraft, at least so far. The lovecraftian elements are mostly through in game lore (There's books and scrolls with lore scattered around) and the mechanics on how the monsters work (Temporal Distortion and Temporal Storms). The monsters themselves aren't too different from what you might find in Minecraft, made more scary mostly because this game is more punishing.

Also there's no creepers. Monsters are mostly "zombies" and "spiders".


Thanks for the detailed reply! <3

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I will likely buy this when I'm not broke, the gameplay looks super fun, I have been watching Pr1vateLime's series on this game and it made me really want to play for myself. Good work to the devs, can't wait to try this out.


I just wanted to praise the Dev Support, they post release canditates often, so you can see the game evolving. I'm hooked !


yeah man


this game needs kabobs. that would be another food to cook at a firepit. the mix and match possibilities for kabobs are many and varied.

this game needs grapes. it already has vines so adding another vine-type plant that has fruit on it should not be to hard i believe. since it has a winepress this has to be something that will most likely be added in the future i think. plus then we can make real vineyards not just faux ones from berry bushes!!

the water areas really need more lifeforms added to maybe seals or walrus or tuna schools. but i have faith that that will be remedied in the future updates at some point.


Looks like a Minecraft clone until you play it, then Minecraft feels like a bad Vintage Story clone.

would it be possible to add clams or oysters to the game? and maybe make them able to be found be panning gravel/sand/etc that are UNDERWATER only? the shells would also be another good source of lime for leather tanning!! 

would it be possible to add the ability to eat berries DIRECTLY off the bushes when hands are full? this way if you are starving you don't have to drop stuff to eat in an emergency.  this could also work with mushrooms.

any plans on adding birds like ducks and turkeys and geese. the lack of flying stuff does seem a bit weird. maybe even cave bats. or eagles.


This game is real art.  Minecraft player since 2010 here and I personally don't play it anymore, but this game hooked me.  It's really a completely different game.  $23 dollars was totally justified.

i was looking at the recipe for candles and saw it needs 3 wax. i think it would be better with 2 wax and 1 flax twine or 1 rope for a wick. just my opinion but wax does seem a bit hard to get.

if you haven't already done it then please add the ability to "farm mushrooms" on log planters". i am thinking say soak some logs and put in a cellar and water with the watering can once a day.  this will get mushrooms once every 5-7 days maybe.


23$ for minecraft with a texture pack and some mods is crazy. It's better to collect a few dollars and buy real minecraft lol.

Way to be a corporate shill and shit all over an indie developer.


This game would be ok for $10. It's buggy, it's world generation is bad and the AI is terrible. Other than that is a decent survival game

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does planting berry bushes and fruit/other trees on terra preta make them mature faster or is it only crops?


me personally Mincraft+mods (free or not) way better espesially java dont recommend unless you dont give a shit or have the money


The only negative point for me in the game is that it's not on Steam yet, for me the game is great.

Meanwhile I'm playing alone and depressed in my world without my friends because they have this silly prejudice that they will only buy a game if it's on Steam

well if i am ever able to get this game and a pc that can run it i will look you up for some coop if you are interested.


The website is saying the password I have saved in google is wrong even though I never changed my password but when I go to recover my password I don't get the email despite using the proper email, so I'm just stuck playing an outdated version now.


Please send us your original game key using the contact form at the bottom of the page at
We'll take a look then.

Thank you.

I did as you said and verified my email but I haven't gotten a reply yet, I've waited a day. Should I just wait more or do it again?


Bad Minecraft

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you are stupud


Thank you




This is arguably the worst take I've heard in my life. Without hyperbole.




do I need to explain? Its a Minecraft-like voxel game, not a copy, not trying to make the same, this take is forked ways from the minecraft "survival" take. 

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do I get the game from here or the website

because on the website ( its $18

You should be able to buy either method. The currency may be the only difference depending on where you live

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from what i understand is that if you buy it HERE the amount that is OVER the 18$ of the other site is what gets for selling it here so if you buy this on the OTHER site you buy DIRECTLY from the ones who made it so it is cheaper to buy from their site since they don't need to pay anyone else. i may be wrong.

I think its 18 euros on the website, which I assume is around $23 USD.

So, the same price, but the official website just defaults to a different currency.


Is the game login info the same as the main site login info or do I have to make a separate site account?


Best medieval sandbox out there. It just needs some more content and would be perfect. As with any sandbox it’s much better with friends!


This is basically minecraft on shaders and mods.


Hello, I do not recommend buying this game, we cannot connect to the game even though we put in exactly the same password as well as email. By trying the game several times it crashes at the slightest password entered.


Did you make client account?


oui j'ai créé un client qui me sert pour le jeu ainsi qu'un compte pour le forum. J'ai aussi désinstallé mon antivirus et ouvert mon pare feu mais rien ne règle mon problème.


dude started speaking French


It worked tho lmao


hi there, could you update this please? i cannot play the game as it is supposidly 9 versions behind

You can login with your game account on the website, there you can download the newest Version.

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just wanted to say this is genuinely one of my favorite games of all time and i highly recommend it! i have hundreds of hours in it at this point. if you ever wished minecraft was more of a genuine survival game, this is for you! the amount of thought and detail put into every aspect of the game is nuts, and it's constantly being updated


If I wanted to buy a copy of this game for myself and one for a friend, could I buy the game twice on my itch account and send my friend the second key/registration link?


yes, should be fine to do so


just get minecraft


This is based on a minecraft mod named TerraFirmaCraft and it changes things like minecraft is more of a sandbox game  and Vintage Story is more of a Hardcore Survival


looks like minecraft


This is based on a minecraft mod named TerraFirmaCraft and it changes things like minecraft is more of a sandbox game  and Vintage Story is more of a Hardcore Survival

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